At MLIDS, we are dedicated to guiding our clients through every stage of their business. MLIDS team of interior designers provide complete designs consultancy for commercial, retail, residential and corporate projects and start from conceptualization of a design style to sourcing and specification of materials for all finishes.

With our wealth of experience on interior designs, we consider every new job as a challenge to bring on our creative sides. Our goal is to give your business space that confidence and brand statement that will give prospective clients the confidence and trust they need to deal with you and remind your existing clients to call again. Let us know today how we may assist you.

Shops Interior Design

Your business area is the first point of contact for your customers and vendors and you know first impression, they say, sticks the most! And yes, your shop interior can make the right customer call again and again. Let us give you a design that will be cozy yet "businessy", clearly speaking the language you want it to speak to anyone who walks into your shop the first time.

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Car Showroom Designs

Our goal is to give your project that command that it requires to sell any car. Our jobs begins from the furniture and finishing of the customer contact centres to the car display units complete with lighting and driveway designs to the total ambience of your show room. You can count on us to deliver uniqueness.

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Jewelry Showroom Designs

Our experience has taught us what it takes to furnish a fully functional and attractive jewellery shop that will let you display your goods to make them becoming as well as keep it theft free. Talk to us today and we'd be happy to go on this project with you.

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